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(a) The sidelights of vessels of 20 meters or more in length shall be fitted with mat black inboard screens and meet the requirements of 84.17. On vessels of less than 20 meters in length, the sidelights, if necessary to meet the requirements of 84.17, shall be fitted with mat black inboard screens. With a combined lantern, using a single vertical filament and a very narrow division between the green and red sections, external screens need not be fitted.
(b) On power-driven vessels less than 12 meters in length

NAVRULES Annex 1 or Title 33 84.09 Screens.

what I marked in red might be the only loophole.....

Whats crazy is we had to make lightboards to bring our outsized, extra bright straight out of the box, Hella navlights on out towboats in compliance because their reflections were so bright and the plastic lens make the sectors wrong...nuts but true. We also had o pait the cabin top around the light flat black to stay in compliance.
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