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I don't mean to presume, sorry if I misinterpreted you post...

In my experience of owning boats for the past 48 years, I've come up with a few hard rules, and a whole lot of preferences. I would encourage you to really look at how you will be using it, who will be using it with you, and what boat is the best fit.

For PNW cruising, I want a nice open salon to relax in with our guests. Too many boats comfortably only seat a couple people, as in lounging around, playing cards, having drinks, etc. I prefer a big airy salon that can easily accommodate six people.

I also vastly prefer twin engines. As a transoceanic jet pilot, I just don't feel as comfortable with a single, in a larger boat. (30'+) Now, my pal is a retired container ship captain. He's crossed the Pacific countless times on his 985' single-engine freighter.

And, I vastly prefer indoor stairs to the flybridge rather than an outdoor ladder. So much easier carrying food & drinks up the stairs...

Finally, and probably our most important rule: NO FULL BEAM AFT CABINS. No "sundeck" models. We only like boats with a cockpit, or low aft deck. So much easier to get on and off, to use the swim step, to fish, and mostly; to carry food & supplies aboard. I know there are plenty of sundeck style owners who apparently don't mind carrying their groceries up the back ladder in the rain. Not us...

An excellent example of a boat that fills all these requirements is the Bayliner 4788. Plus it's reasonably priced, designed to cruise the PNW waters, and easy to operate.

I believe we're about to see some very good deals on boats. Not quite yet, but within a couple months. Great time to buy...
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