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I think one of the reasons you are getting some mildly snide remarks is that you present yourself as a bit of a jerk frankly. A little humility goes a long way in the boating community...

Almost no cruisers start off by buying a transoceanic yacht, or one that might be professionally crewed. They start off smaller & simpler.

We can almost guarantee you that if you go out and buy a boat of the size and capability you want, you'll be selling it before too long, after you get some experience and figure out what you really want. And the buy & sell process is long and expensive...

I suggest you buy a boat no larger than 45' or so to begin with. Join a yacht club that does a lot of cruises. Take your time learning the seamanship needed to cruise, and then head to Alaska in the summer. After that trip, you'll have a better feel for what your needs & wants are in reality.

Being the guy that prefers to pay to have the upkeep done, you may find that a big ocean cruiser is vastly more expensive than you can reasonably afford.

Or maybe not. In that case just go ahead and buy the Fleming 55, hire a captain and enjoy the ride...
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