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Originally Posted by Gone Roaming View Post
Both my helm pumps are leeking from the shaft seal, i have got new seals but they look to big to knock in. the old seals were "O" rings but the new ones are "U" shaped with an iner spring on the seal. can anyone advise please if i have the right seals, part No: 500013 from Wagner.
I feel your pain as I went through this exact scenario last year. In short, you have the wrong part for your pump. I don't actually have the Wagner part number for you, read on for my details...

There are three different 700 series helm pumps that Wagner produced. The first (which you have) is the 700 helm pump. It is substantially different from the 701 and 702 pumps.

The 700 pump uses an oring to seal the shaft at the front of the pump.

The 701 and 702 pumps use the actual seals that you've obtained. Purchasing the right parts can be problematic, because most suppliers for Wagner immediately go to "700 series pumps" as the 701 and 702. It took me a long time to find the correct part number of the kit needed for the 700 pump.

I have found an actual 700 kit for sale online, but I'm sure they are actually for sale from Wagner/suppliers. When I rebuilt my first pump I had purchased the 701/702 kit, and simply found the correct sized nitrile o-rings (there are 4 total needed, plus 4 that the 701/702 kit had) to put it back together.

The proper parts kit you need for your 700 pump is Wagner 119-0001 (this is an original number from an old PDF catalog of theirs.) Unless you bought that seal separate, I'm guessing the kit you have is the equivalent of the original 119-0002, for the 701 and 702 pumps. If you haven't bought a full kit, disregard the issues I dealt with below.

The drawing Lepke posted above is of the 701 and 702 pump. I've never found a similar drawing of the exact 700 original pump. Your 700 pump comes apart via 4 Allen screws on the back cover. The 701 and 702 pumps actually have a large clamp ring that holds the back over onto the case. It also has bronze bushings for the front and back of the shaft along with that proper oil seal, an improvement over the 700 pump.

Photos below...

This first one shows the new seal you have, for the newer pumps, along with the o-ring I took out of mine. The housing is machined only for the o-ring. The seal is from the 119-002 kit I bought. Instead of returning the kit and getting the right one, I simply sourced some o-rings locally.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_112758.jpg
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Here are 4 o-rings that came out of my 700 pump that were not in the kit.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_220832.jpg
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The kit and its contents. Several o-rings I didn't need, and the gasket, while perfect, does not have the 4 Allen bolt holes punched out, as the 701 pumps are held together with a large locking ring instead of the Allen bolts (more on that below.)

Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_220704.jpg
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4 o-rings in the kit I DID need, the old ones on the left...

Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_220829.jpg
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The o-rings I bought. (I found them at Piston Service in Anacortes, WA.) I can't remember the sizes, I matched them up according to their assumed non-squished dimensions. I believe the two part numbers of the two bags are the two larger ones I needed, the smaller one is added in. I bought double of everything, so it looks like a lot. One of them (National 210PKG) is for the front seal (for the shaft.) I should have all the exact sizes written down in some notes someplace if you want them, I don't have them handy by the computer tonight. IIRC the two bags have the correct part numbers of the two larger sized National o-rings I bought, unfortunately I photoed them upside down.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_220852.jpg
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These next 3 are photos of marking and punching the holes in the gasket to fit.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_221637.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_221806.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	20181208_221939.jpg
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While I didn't go back and order up the different kit (mainly because of time), the few o-rings I needed were readily available nearby. It went together fine with no leaks. Full disclosure; after finding out all about how much better designed the 701 pumps are, I kept searching and finally found 2 used ones for sale on ebay. I rebuilt one and have it on my flybridge station. I have the other waiting to go at the lower helm when it needs a rebuild.

The 700 and 701 pumps are both designed to be flush mounted with a flush mount ring that goes on the front of a bulkhead. The 702 pump is the same design as the 701, but is made with a flange on the front of the case for bolting directly to a bulkhead.

Good luck!
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