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All the comments about using Windy & its various weather features are accurate & useful. It is not, however, a chart plotter. It is useful to estimate cruise distance from estimated waypoint to waypoint & from that TSD & fuel calculations can be reasonably estimated, particularly in inland & near coastal waters. That feature has been accurately described in previous posts. It is a tool to estimate routes/TSD/fuel, not to chart plot. It is indeed a great weather instrument, particularly with go-no go decisions & predicting wind/wave conditions over longer cruise times. Even having Sirius weather on my Garmin for current & radar information, my first go to is Windy. As a first choice or as a backup chart plotter on a laptop, Coastal Explorer is very good & features automatic, frequent chart updates. I use my Garmin split screen chart plotter/radar (I personally am not a fan of radar overlay of the navigation chart but that is personal choice) & Coastal Explorer on a Getac laptop as a larger display underway. The update feature of Coastal Explorer also reduces the frequency of buying current 2gVision chips.
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