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Originally Posted by Codger2 View Post
Thanks for including your article, Don. I read it and saved it to my library. It's a very informative article.

I'm 79 years old and have messed around in boats since I was 10 and the weather thing has always interested me. In 1967 I earned my commercial pilots license and was stunned at how little instruction time was devoted to weather information. Discovering is one of my most interesting finds for my cruising needs. There's a lot to learn from it and I process more info from it every day.

Here's just one example of a tool that shows what you can see with one click on your route. This route is on a strait line from San Diego to Catalina Island. There's no course line as my old iMac couldn't plot it.(My smart TV does, however!) It not only shows swell height & time interval, it also shows wind speed & from what direction for both swell and wind.
Wonderful idea.
Now, get out there and verify how accurate it is.

I use Windy for no- no go decisions and possible wx windows.

To use it and expect accuracy in route planning is cruising for a bruising.

Along the west coast, from Panama to Alaska, I found its point forecasting to be useful, as long as I used a range of 50% and 12 hours.

Roughly, this means that with winds forecast to be 270 at 12 kts at 12z. I plan for a range of winds from 230 to 310 from 6 kts to 18 kts at 12z.

Generally I've found that on the ocean , as opposed to inland waters, the wind speed is under forecast 90% of the time.
But there could be some use bias in that observation, in that I'm not going out if winds are fcst to be 20 kts, but in reality only 15. But i notice when fcst to be 5 and they are 12.

Use Windy, which I also think is the best GUI out there, as a general wx conditions tool, not as a spot fcst for any given time and place, as it won't be accurate.

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