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Originally Posted by Pete Meisinger View Post
And I know nothing about salt water, this is just stuff I have gleamed from the forum. It's not bad, just different. Talk and listen at your new salt water marina.
Actually, it is bad. One of the most corrosive liquids known to man. (OK, that's an exaggeration. But it sure feels that way sometimes.)

Those chrome air horns, cleats and other fittings? Toss them. Zincs are crucial, and make sure they're actually zinc, not the fresh-water metals. High-quality (read: expensive) bottom paint and in many places, weekly bottom cleaning, become essential.

Navigation skills are required if you want to actually travel anywhere. You'll learn all about weather windows, forecasting and travelling in less-than-ideal conditions. Things like AIS, VHF and other electronics become requirements.

Of course, all these are offset by some of the best and most beautiful cruising areas, and the fact that you can, literally, go anywhere. You're not limited by the boundaries of a lake or inland waterway.
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