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BD, thanks for the input. I didn't ask but was certainly hoping for some input. I've done some budgeting and can already see that it's going to be much more expensive. Salt water alone will add a bunch of maintenance. Traveling around will significantly up the fuel costs compared to what we do now. Then there's transient slip fees. It adds up quickly for sure. I believe that I have a realistic view of it, but I'm expecting the experience to be worth it.

I've already started doing more of my own maintenance to begin my training. Changed my first impeller a couple weeks ago. Vacuflush toilets have become my specialty. I have already built a rather large maintenance matrix that I use for my current boat to keep track of everything. It's almost overwhelming how many things need routine maintenance on a boat, and it really hits you when it's put down on paper. We've been at this for a while on the lake. So it's just the salt water dimension that worries me.

I am concerned about my boat being 5+ hours away instead of 30 minutes away. That will take some getting used to. Hopefully we can make some friends of locals and liveaboards that can keep an eye on things for us. I'm seriously thinking that I'll get a monitoring system like Siren Marine to give me some peace of mind.

Anyway, you're not really living unless you push yourself out of your comfort zone.
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