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Originally Posted by Streff View Post
In our new to us Californian, several things came out of the survey that I am trying to address. I am pretty handy with most electrical stuff but wanted to get input from this forum. The battery system in this boat is a pretty disorganized, so trying to clean things up.

There are 3 sets of batteries, one battery aft for the Stern thrusters but it is also connected to the house batts. Middle set for the engine. FWd set (2) supposedly for the house. Between those 2 fed batteries there appears to be a broken and disconnected glass fuse that connects the pos and neg terminals. My question is what would be the function of such a fuse? These batts are connected in parallel.

The boat has 24V bow thrusters but I cannot any 12V batteries connected in series to power the thrusters?.

Lastly, the pos lead of port engine alternator is taped off and not connected to anything? What would be the reason for that . On inspection the alternator looks fine.

Any input or ideas would be appreciated.



Do the thrusters work?
Are all of the batteries charged?
Did you check each with a DVM >12.6V
An alternator may look fine on the outside but inside could be shot or wrong voltage. The PO may have been a long term marina resident and used battery charger only.
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