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Originally Posted by Pete Meisinger View Post
Don't forget the Great Lakes ! Cheap marinas, fresh water,(actually drinkable), lots of protected anchorages and islands. NICE PEOPLE! Transient slips sometimes going for a buck a foot. Summer slips for around $250 a month. Winter storage, generally around a grand.
Cheese shops in every town (at least in Wisconsin). Lots of Great food. There is a festival somewhere every weekend. Farmers markets start in July for fresh everything in every town. Near "Blue Water" adventures can be had by crossing Lake Michigan or especially Lake Superior. Our bathrooms are almost always clean, parking is free, locking your boat is optional, dogs always allowed. Fuel, licenses, taxes and fees are generally low.

Should I go on?

Wifey B: And......all that.....but.......

Three month season....or perhaps four.

Love the Great Lakes to visit but not where I'd want to spend all 12 months of the year.
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