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Hi, Great Lakes pete here again,

Of course I would be expected to recommend a boat like I have. And I will.. Plenty of 35 - 40 foot trawlers in the $50 -$75,000 dollar range. Go single diesel, buy fairly close to wherever you will call home port. Expect to do some deferred maintenance until you get it caught up.

You can own a nice boat around here for $500 per month (once it is paid for), thats dockage,fuel, insurance and some do it yourself maintenance. Expect to pay at least double that amount for the first year or so getting it like you want.

You don't mention your age, financial situation or employment. Just judging by your price range I expect you are just like most T.F.ers. (Somewhere past middle age, around middle income and probably a "working stiff" or recently or soon to be retired. Great lakes area is not a tech center but there are lots of jobs around here and if you are in the healthcare field (Nurse, mid admin, P.A., N.A.etc) you can write your own ticket wherever you want. If you are "skilled", i.e.:butcher, baker, carpet layer, candlestick maker, you can slide right into a decent job. Girlfriend also.

Did I mention that you can pick cherries off the trees in Door County, Literally tons of apples in Bayfield, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries are everywhere. Cross Lake Michigan when Peaches are ready and there are unlimited amounts. Of course we are not California like for produce but then again we don't have California prices.

Hmmm, what are you waiting for?

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