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Welcome aboard. We lived and cruised on the west coast out of Long Beach for ten years but are now back to the east coast where we have cruised the entire coast. So let me give you my perspective on each:

The west coast is undeniably nice particularly SoCal. Slips are expensive and anchorages limited though. We have anchored from San Diego to Catalina and the Channel Islands and found very nice spots, but I think I can count all of the anchorages in that stretch on two hands, maybe a bit more.

If you want to cruise full time and rely on anchorages it will get old. You need a marina base and then head out for several days at a time to anchorages. Long Beach is a good central location but slips will be $15/ft/mo or more and many do not allow live aboards.

The east coast OTOH has thousands of anchorages. You can live aboard full time and rely on anchorages 95% of the time. Or you can pick a home base for the winter like Stuart Florida and travel north when it gets warmer. I believe that Stuart slips are available for three months at a time at reasonable rates, maybe $10/ft/mo. Maybe someone can confirm.

Long term slips are available in places like New Bern, NC for about $7/ft/mo and would be a good place for full time living in a marina.

So the west coast is pretty with nice weather but expensive with limited anchorages and slips. East coast is cheaper with tons of anchorages but you have to move with the seasons for decent weather.

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