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Wifey B:

1. Nice tennis courts.
2. Nice docks
3. Reciprocal agreements
4. Somewhere we can be proud to be a member. Even though we have no kids we want a club with kids activities like sailing. We want a club that is friendly and open to others including transients. We don't want to deal with in-fighting or politics.
5. A club where we can get by with very limited participation. We don't attend meetings and don't participate in holiday gatherings and such. We're not in town most of the time but, even if we were, wouldn't. We like to quietly go our way. We are not looking to be active in club events and activities.
6. Ability to bring guests with us.
7. Manageable obligations. We don't mind dining minimums as long as they're spread over reasonable periods and can be accomplished different ways.

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