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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post
You have the room to either move the mattress aft, or open the head and master doors, but not both. The doors swing inward, and they both come extremely close to the bunk. Plus once you move it aft, you're going to have to crawl in over the foot to get into the berth. Plus access your drawers will be awkward.
That had occurred to me, Shrew. I see Beneteau addressed that problem by replacing the single door with a pair of doors. That might buy 8-10 inches, but I don't think it's enough to get my head and shoulders out from under the cave.

Originally Posted by Transpac View Post
We have a similar overhang on our Transpac 32 but a full (not walk-around) berth. My 6'4" husband sleeps with feet off the bed. With my claustrophobia I've tried sleeping with my head aft, but I wake up halfway through the night unable to breathe and a headache due to the berth not being level fore to aft. So I sleep kind of curled up, but I've got more room than I would in a walkaround queen. We've only had the boat a couple of years and haven't spent many nights on it, but I do wonder how well we'll sleep if/when we do the Loop.
Disappointed to read this, Transpac. We have corresponded about your boat and the possibilities of customizing an Eagle 32, but I hadn't seen this problem coming. Rats!

Originally Posted by FoxtrotCharlie View Post
When boat shopping we looked at several with the overhang the OP mentioned. Was a no-go for us. Settled on our 42' sundeck trawler with an aft full queen walk-around with almost 7' of headroom. Aft lines/fenders are a bit more trouble to handle - but the old saying is so true - all boats are a compromise.
The sundeck layout definitely solves the cave problem, but at the expense of scaling a ladder to reach the dingy. Guessing that's not an issue with my knees today. All boats are indeed compromises. That's perhaps the most valuable lesson I've learned so far here at Trawler Forum.
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