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Originally Posted by LaBomba View Post
Welcome aboard, you guys are true minimalists. Check out the other threads on trailerable trawlers, there are a few just do a Search. Enjoy whatever you end up with, time is a valuable commodity!

We are. My other passion is riding BMW motorcycles long distances and camping along the way. Like my friend Jim B. from Wild Blue says: "You have a certain "type" of motorcycle you like" which means I've owned 13 different Beemers in the last 13 years.

I'm the maintainer and at my age I don't want to be maintaining systems. After we got over Hobie Cats, we bought a Capri 22 as our first cabin sailboat. Pretty Spartan but we were used to camping so it was very doable.

In the North Channel, we get to a town every 3 days or so. Get showers, empty PP, get ice and perishable food, then out again. We have participated with the Trailer Sailor Association on their annual NC cruise late July, early Aug.

There is a boat for everyone, but not the same one!

Thanks for all of the warm welcomes.
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