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Well, if you have seen both a 1999 and a 2005 model you are way ahead of most of us here. Yes they are different in layout and the hull tunnel. Did either boat have trim tabs and were they used which could make a significant difference in running attitude.

My understanding is that the older boat came with a 4 cylinder Yanmar 4LH and the newer one came with that one and the 6 cylinder Yanmar 6LP. The latter engine would be the better one as it is a smooth 6 with more displacement than the 4. But both are very good engines.

What engine was in the repowered 2005 that you saw. Was the vibration underway or in neutral or both and at what rpms. There a any number of causes of vibration and whether it can be corrected at this point is a crap shoot. If it is serious, then take a pass on that boat.

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