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My stop and search rate for the Bahamas has been close to 1%, for the BDF. With low triple digit sample size. Its been closer to 3% for the USCG high seas stops, just for Bahama transits.
The real problem will be what happens when the search goes poorly. I don't have first hand experience on that one, only hearsay. And, that report goes like "either head to Nassau for a hearing" or "We are taking all your boat electronics and valuable fishing equip. for bail, you need to head back West now".
I had a complex expedition go weird one time. Combo boat and aircraft and 4x4 truck with trailer situation. Had to return to Andros to deal with paperwork and deposited $ issues. It's a pain to deal with this stuff not having any local legal representation and being a foreign tourist. Trying to pull back potential duty cash is painful.
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