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Originally Posted by smitty477 View Post
What engines do you have? Where are the EGT probes located? (pre or post turbo and where)
What RPM do you cruise at? At that cruise what is your boost numbers Pt and stb?
What happens to the EGT reading when you sync by rpm vs boost?
My current boat has non-turbo gassers, so boost isn't applicable. And no EGT gauges on them other than me climbing into the engine room and shooting the couple inch non-jacketed portion of the manifolds with an IR gun.

Going by fuel use, my stbd engine is under slightly higher load than the port with both cruising at 3300, but it's within a couple percent. Both turn within a few RPM of each other at WOT though, so there's nothing about it that concerns me. And yes, my tachs are calibrated. There's a significant difference in pleasantness at the helm with them humming along in sync vs having them 50 or 100 rpm off, so as long as they're both happy, both make appropriate RPM wide open, etc. I have no reason to intentionally run them out of sync just to get fuel use and load perfectly even.
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