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RE: Splice strength

FF, you're really weakening that line's breakig strength by putting a knot in it. Here's an excerpt from one site:
"Anchor lines also require an eye splice, in this case around a metal thimble so the line can be shackled to the chain lead on the anchor. The thimble protects the line from chafe. When the "business end" of an anchor line begins to show the effects of rubbing on the bow chocks and across the bottom, you can extend its life by reversing it end-for-end--yet another reason for knowing how to make an eye splice. A knot is a poor substitute for a proper splice. A bowline, for example, reduces the breaking strength of a line by about 40% while a splice retains 95% of the rope's strength."

Here's another site with a lot of testing of knot strength, but not splices:
I've never seen a test on a thimble splice: three strand vs. braided. However, I know I can splice the three strand very well. Despite my best efforts and various gadgets includin Brian Toss' splicing wand, I've never been able to make an eye splice in braided rope. Either splice will fail before the rope does, but good ones should retain maybe 95% of the line's original strength if done well, according to Casey above.

Here's a good photo description of making an eye splice in braided rope. It's a little different than the classic instructions, might have to give this one a try.
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