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Originally Posted by jleonard View Post
Yes it was always very awkward to say the least.
I was one of the original moderators and in the early days (I think it was 1998 or 99) it was fine as there were only a few members and not too many different model boats.
The original models were a "cult" boat, and there was no one left at Mainship who knew the oldies so that forum was a godsend of sorts.
Joe Weinbrect was the originator, does anyone on here remember him?

I resigned as moderator in around 2006 when I sold my old Mainship and bought the Albin.

I know it "uglied out", but it was a good forum in its early years.

Franklin I sent my contact info to you via a Private Message.
Please reply directly to my e mail once you get it.
I was a member of the Yahoo Group before it was a Yahoo Group, I think Geo-Cities. I do remember Joe, Ken, Harry, and many others. I still see Jim Kreuger at a Boat Show once in a while. I attended gatherings in St Augustine and Savannah and back then we were a pretty cohesive group. Of course having a few coolers of refreshing beverages was helpful.

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