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Since the poster is in Florida...

There was a GB distributor in Florida that special ordered his own inventory.

These boats were usually single screw, with factory fiberglass decks. Most were Europas. Railing were stainless.

We have one, I looked a long time to find it.

All the maintenance comments are true, but newer sealants and coatings make maintaining the vessel much easier over time.

I also wanted a traditional look. The Europa pushed my hot button and it has been a very comfortable boat.

Not real big inside, very well built, easy to work on, quite beautiful when maintained.

The Lehman is a little noisier than a Cummins, and I worked for Cummins. But not that much. I think the 135 is a very good engine, mine should easily go 20k hours before overhaul, so we'll be long gone by then.

The velvet drive could be a weak link, but I can pull mine in under an hour and put it on the dock with a helper, no big deal.

With fiberglass decks fuel tank issues are significantly reduced if not eliminated. GBs have a very good gelcoat, so they almost always buff out to a nice shine.

The last note is Europas are going up in value. Few make it to brokers. So start walking the docks and asking around if that's what you want.

Review my blog, "grandbankschoices". You will see what I have done and am doing. Just installed twenty windows completely rebuilt with new glass. Major man hours but relatively easy work, just depends on your analness. I was guessing 15 man hours per window, but that maybe low. Waiting for a weather window to spray the final awlgrip color coat. Try to stay away from aluminum windows unless anodized. Once they start to go it is a constant battle.

Only thing I don't have and would like is a Stern thruster.

West coast boats tend to be cleaner than Gulf Coast boats. The water is saltier in the gulf, and that brings more electrolysis and corrosion. Gel coats deteriorate faster. Bottom growth is quicker. Also you get much more sun, and the boats get used more. Keeping a boat in perfect shape requires a shed or roof.

Good luck.
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