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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
It sounds like you have some 2 pack varnish or similar at the bottom of the old finish, fortunately only in one section. I wonder if hard sanding and leaving it a day or so before getting back at it might help. There is no alternative to getting all the old finish off.
Wood finish choice is nearly as controversial as anchors. I have some Cetol areas, it works and lasts well enough and application is easy, but for rails etc I use Deks Olje 1 & 2 to produce a finish inferior to Cetol or varnish but way easier to maintain and recoat. In 10 years I`ve not had to go back to bare wood.
Where I felt I had to reduce the amount of material I was removing I have used a teak color stain to revive the teak color without hard sanding.
Thanks, Bruce and all. You may be right about some two-part Finish underneath. since my original post, I found a local guy who specializes in refinishing boats. Going to try to have him look it over.
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