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Originally Posted by Captain Joe View Post
Hi All, I just joined the forum and was hoping to get some insight. I am considering selling my 33Ft Egg Harbor and moving to trawler life. I have been looking at used Trawlers for quite some time but am not seeing what I want. Trying to find one with a center bed, mid or aft cabin and still have a decent size cockpit and salon and separate galley without going into 50 or 60 footer. Not that I can't handle large boats. I ran a 95 footer for 15 years and a 120 footer deep sea fishing boat. The fact is the larger the boat the fewer places to dock at marinas here in the North East. So thanks for having be aboard and looking forward to the forum.
Welcome aboard.

First thing I'd do to help understand my needs and desires is state firmly what it is about the Egg Harbor I don't like and what I like most about it. That will sure help you decided where to start looking and whether a trawler or another style is what you really want.
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