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If you haven't already decided..
1) You will want a diesel, probably a single. This pretty much rules out sport fishers.
2) Generally, (not always) Silvertons have no side decks. Single handing can be difficult and even with help there may be a problems getting from bow to stern.
3) In the 35 foot range you will probably have to access the engine through the salon, via a hatch. Larger boats may have walk in engine rooms. Lifting the hatch has never been a problem for me.
4)Get on a lot of boats, narrow down your list and find a few you are serious about. GET IT SURVEYED! HULL AND ENGINE!
5) You don't mention where you live now but if you intend to live and boat on the Southern half of the East coast don't even look at anything from the West coast. Shop and buy within a few hundred miles from where you live. Possible exception might be to consider boats from the Great Lakes. They are generally priced a bit better and fresh water boats are often in better condition than salties.

Good Luck, Welcome Aboard.

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