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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
How many boats does a broker sell in a year? 15?
If they cost 150,000 average .. that would be 45,000 commission per boat X 15 = $675,000 per year. That’s more than my SS.
I don’t understand your math. If they sell a 150K boat that would be $15K commission not 45K. So 15K times 15 boats would be 225K in commissions. Now you have to figure that if the selling broker is not the listing broker the commission is split in half. Then if the selling broker is not the owner of the brokerage the half commission is again split in half so the selling broker would not be making 15K per boat but rather $3750. Now if he or she sells 15 boats per year the commission will be $56250.
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