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City: Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island
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My top speed is 18 kts. And yes, it does come in handy. This isn't a planing boat, but will always be in displacement (or semi-displacement) mode.

Don't want to disappoint you but at 18 knots your boat is planing. Even if your boat is planing, you can still hold your head up high and enjoy going slow. Semi-displacement hulls (many of them) can plane. The formula for a displacement hull is 1.34 X square root of length along the water. If your boat's water line (LWL) is 25 feet (it isn't, I'm just being mathematically lazy) then your displacement speed would be 1.34 X 5 = 6.7 knots. Your boats speed would be a tad faster, but just a tad as it is longer than 25 feet, but the Ranger Tug site doesn't list the LWL.

And to make your boat the perfect Washington to Alaska boat, add EFoy as with solar the weather can limit how much the boat is charged. With EFoy you can be at anchorage for a week and not have to put up with the irritating sound of a generator.

By the way, I consider your boat to be just about the perfect boat for coastal cruising in Washington state, BC and Alaska. There are some areas where it is desirable to get through quickly if you can, slowly if you can't. Johnstone Strait is one of them, the Dent Rapids is another. Cruising north of Vancouver Island heading to Alaska has some areas where I'd rather buzz through quickly. And with a boat that is under the 35 foot mark, easier to find marina moorage. As well as Ranger Tugs, I'm a fan of Back Cove's and Cutwater's, again the perfect boats for North West Coastal Cruising.

With your boats trailerable ability, eventually you can spend thousands and have it brought out to the north west coast. This area is where God boats. Often I will see God out on 45 foot catamaran (I'll let you figure out if that is power or sail). I often laugh at God as moorage is sought for the Cat in this area, an area where most marinas are getting long in the tooth, and large boat moorage is at a premium. So then I go up to God as say - "Where's your miracles now, eh?"
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