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You might pose your question in one of the cruisers section here on TF... you might get more responses but here's mine.
Only you know your skills, interests and what kind of job you could handle and enjoy. I would think there are many that need seasonal help that might fit that schedule.
I motorhome from the NE to FL each winter for a few mos and have used a mobile RV mechanic service. They are based in Mich, Wis or someplace up N... I forget exactly where.... but they operate up north for the summer season and move their techs and business to FL to serve the snow birds.
The other obvious one is teaching... on 9-10 mos off 2-3.
When I retired early I had an opportunity to do consulting part time and my previous employer was willing to accommodate me with a great deal of flexibility but I only accepted assignments that I felt were realistic for part time and had to say no to those that they needed full time for short durations.
Bottom line I'd say its doable if you can get creative and find a fit of skills with someplace that could benefit. Realize it might mean some additional training, education or certification but that's up to you.
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