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Life advice

So I am about a year in to live aboard on my Litton 36 double cabin. Love it. Me and the kitten enjoy it a lot.

A little back story.
Recently divorced, wanting to live my life and put some smiles on my face. Bought a boat to live cheap and not mess up either of our credit and make sure all is taken care of. Have been in sales for about 20 years and want to stay there.

My goal is to somewhat be a nomad, Id like to live live 5 months at a time. 5 months work, 1 month to cruise.

Is it possible to live that life? Obviously I have to realize that management is out of the question unless I sell my soul and lie to them. Id be willing to do 10 months in same place, but in the end, I want my goals to be met. 5 on, 1 off.

Im really trying to make this work but am wondering if Im fantasizing or making reality happen, lol. Anyone have a similar situation or thoughts?
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