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Originally Posted by Butch View Post
Hi guys, I'm looking at a Glen-L Hercules but need a trailer. They sell some nice aluminum trailers that have two bunks one for each side two shorter ones for the bow and a lowered frame for the keel probably 10"to12" for the keel. Does anyone on the blog have any experience with this.
I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here. Be sure the trailer meets or preferably exceeds the weight of the boat for a margin of safety. The bunks should be adjustable to a point to allow the trailer to fit the boat. Any boat that's trailered needs support all the way to the transom to prevent a keel hog or hull hook at the transom. The GL Herc is a full framed boat and very strong. The bunk wood should have rounded edges and covered in carpet. Some newer trailers use a synthetic covering that I'm not sure what it's made of. Soft synthetic keel rollers would be good for that boat. The black rubber ones will leave scuffs on almost any hull. I like a fitted bow stop covered in carpet that helps support the bow.
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