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The majority of my experience has been on tugs up and down the ICW in the early 80's, Norfolk to Fort Lauderdale or points in between. And then in the past 8 years I've been doing occasional work on Lake Michigan with a few marine contractors. Don't get me wrong, I am not nor have I been a licensed captain. All my hours have been overseen by a licensed captain on every vessel. My best guess is that I have around 400 hrs at the helm. Last year we chartered a houseboat on Rainy Lake in upper Minnesota, it was like trying to navigate a piece of plywood with an outboard, really had to stay on your toes. My other pleasure craft experience ranges form 14-28' runabouts or day cruisers.
We have talked about doing a charter, I've been trying to find the charter that was on the Trent Severn but can't seem to locate their website anymore. Maybe they went out of business.
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