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Originally Posted by Maerin View Post
Your suspicion that the blower leads are miswired sounds correct. I'm guessing the cabin areas are both served by the same condensing/compressor unit that has a split line set. The control box in the aft cabin controls the condenser/compressor. The relay box at the compressor/condenser unit should have terminals marked "fan" that power the remote fan coil unit. It sounds like someone wired the fan leads for the v-berth unit onto the fan terminals of the saloon unit. Just relocate the fan leads from the saloon unit to the aft cabin and Bob's your uncle.
Make sure they're all the same voltage- that vintage they're probably 115V, but verify. Shut them off to do the wiring. The two relay boxes should be the same, so it's a matter of reconnecting the same way on the other box.
Thank you Maerin, for your input. We didn't notice the issue until recently when our daughter came to stay with us until college starts up for her Sept. 9th... I'd shut the aft cabin unit off in the evening when we were all watching TV since nobody is in there, and before long, her V-berth would get hot.

I'll look at the fan wiring tonight.
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