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I am in North Carolina and work with a repair shop in Annapolis to get Volvo parts and support. We have gotten all manner of parts from heat exchangers to o-rings. Most parts get to me in a day. One of the heat exchangers had to ship from Sweden and it still only took five days to arrive. However, maybe my engines arenít old enough to be an issue. (1999)

Yes, most parts are pricey, but nobody said boating was going to be cheap. Still, I like my TAM D63Ls and they are durable and stout motors whose bones go back 60 years. Donít let the motors define the entire boat. Get an oil sample and talk to a couple of mechanics in the area and make an educated decision. Volvo is a major brand and doesnít make crap. In the end, if you are convinced by a few nay-sayers or if you feel local support isnít what you are comfortable with, keep shopping.
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