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Originally Posted by wkearney99 View Post
That and with modern internet searches and worldwide shipping is it really still that much of a challenge to get Volvo stuff? I mean, here in some areas, that is. I know not everywhere has the same level of infrastructure for speedy delivery.
Here in SW BC, there are many marine service centres that sport the VOLVO PENTA sign. I have not tried many of them, as my Volvo TAMD41s, 1990 engines, are very reliable. I have never gone to my VP store to find they didn't have everything I needed. I also have a Cummins in my Motorhome, 2007 engine. Likewise I have never gone to the Cummins store for parts, as it is reliable.
Back to Volvo, in the first 5 years of ownership, I spent more $ keeping my Espar D7L operational than 2 Volvos and an Onan. The only way that changed, was by getting rid of the Espar.

Other than things that would have failed, no matter what brand of engine they were supporting, I have not needed any expensive engine parts, in over 40 yrs of diesel engine ownership:
11 yrs Yanmar
6 yrs Ford Lehman
25 yrs Volvo
3 yrs Cat
5 yrs Cummins

You shouldn't shy away from any of the popular brands, as they are all very reliable.

You should get an engine survey so you know if the boat you like has any obvious engine issues. Like any survey, trouble free years are not guaranteed, but a survey will help you through the purchase process.
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