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Comodave, my boat is undergoing refit and with it a new Merc 6.2 350 motor and a Bravo 3. After major research, including calling a number of Merc dealers/installers in British Columbia and Washington state, talking to Mercury in Wisconsin a couple of times, discussing this with my power guy here, and talking to a "Prop shop only" in Everett Washington I have learned that for my boat at 29 feet, 10 foot beam, and roughly 13,000 lbs wet, a B3 isn't appropriate, they are designed for smaller boats. The prop pitches begin at 19 inches and up to something like 26 or more, but nothing smaller.

I really wanted the B3 for handling but so many at all these places recommended against it. The worry was the 19 inch pitch might do the job, but might not, and if it didn't I had no where to go down, to a 17 inch pitch for example. So just hours ago, based on the advise of many I have told my power guy to install a B2.

If you had a large boat, the B3 - actually the pitch of the prop - may not have been appropriate for your vessel.
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