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Here's a quote from an August 2016 article in Boating Magazine:
“Hull number one of the TT35 was ordered by a Florida couple, and construction is now underway. Completed models will be on display at fall boat shows, beginning with the 2016 United States Powerboat Show in Annapolis.”


Which is very interesting when you look at what was actually going on at Mirage in late summer of that year. Mirage must have known for quite some time that having a boat ready for the October 13-16, Annapolis Boat Show was not feasible….

Island Bound
Yep. What we historically saw in the boating press and on the two Great Harbour sites regarding the TT35 turned out to be all hat and no cattle.

Look how well Ranger is doing with their trailerable outboard "trawlers."

- Benthic

Having purchased a dealer demo Ranger Tug EC-21 while living in Hawaii and a Great Harbour N37 Trawler (former charter boat) direct from Mirage, I am in a unique position to comment on your post…
Ranger's approach to customer service and support is directly reflected in their sales numbers.

– Island Bound
What do you call the opposite of “customer service?”

At the very end of our relationship with Great Harbour/Mirage, I had to hire a bodyguard to accompany Dan on his final visits to the Gainesville facility.

The TT35 is a pretty cool concept.

We agree, Benthic!
We are very pleased with Mariso now that she is almost finished. We are ordering our "American BoatWorks 43" vinyl this week. We will be finished with our modifications when that is applied over the old logo.

Mrs. Trombley
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