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Bayliner manufactured great boats. You get a lot of bang for the buck.

The 32, 38 and 45 Bayliners of the 80's and 90's are very popular boats in the PNW.

You should be aware that those three models are tunnel hulled boats with 1/2 the props recessed in the tunnel. That creates less prop walk and so the props are not as effective when close quarter maneuvering. To make 180's and 360's require lots of throttle, turning the wheel or both in wind. Docking is difficult.

There are many owners of these Bayliners that can handle and dock with great skill. But it took a lot of practice to get to that level of boat driving.

Those three models came with Hino and other older diesel engines and some parts are getting hard or expensive to purchase.

These boats were designed during a period of high fuel prices so they were underpowered and tough to actually get on plane. They were actually marketed to compete against the inexpensive and fuel miserly Taiwan trawler invasion. It's tough to see out from the lower helm on the 38 from the bow rise hence the enclosures. There was a cottage industry in the NW installing "underhulls" to modify the soft chine to a hard chine on the 32' and 38's to increase planing surface to get the stern up and the bow down. Others were installing strakes on the hull at the bow to keep water from being flung up and into the windshield. Another mod was to extend the hull at the transom with an integrated swm platform to increase buoyancy at the stern and to lengthen the planing surface to get the stern to lift and bow down. Unrelated to the hull but the hardtop extensions from La Conner were so popular that practically every 32 and 38 has one over the cockpit.

The 45's did not suffer from bow rise as much and is a great riding boat.

If you cruise at 7 to 8 knots, the 32 and 38 will will have a level trim underway, but the minute you try to go faster than hull speed, the bow will start to rise but not make it over the hump. You will burn a lot of fuel, pick up a couple knots and make a huge wake.

The 32, 38 and 45's prices have leveled out and the boats seem to hold their value so I don't think you would lose any more than any other boat.

Geez, how did I get off subject like that.
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