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Welcome, you seem off to a good start. Lot's of great advice already (create "the list", walk on a LOT of boats, update "the list" accordingly, etc). My only additional advice is to try and buy someone else's love and passion. Many of us (myself included) pour time, sweat and money into these old trawlers to modernize them but also to take care of them. When its time to sell the new owner will benefit from these refits, repairs and upgrades with virtually zero additional dollars.

Our boat has a ton of wood but it's never been varnished and we just leave it natural. Once a year we clean it only as it looks appropriate for the boat. Barely any maintenance and we get a lot of compliments on her.

Finally, as Dave said, consider looking in the 80K - 120K range. Generally speaking boats under that tend to be HUGE project boats. Also generally speaking well maintained "starter" boats tend to stay in that higher price band longer term. It always costs less to buy a better boat than to bring a "cheap" buy up to snuff. Boat in this age/price range are ALL about condition.

Like you we bought our current boat as a "starter trawler" and when we sell her we don't expect to make any money but we also know what our make and model are valued at in the PNW.

Good luck and enjoy the hunt. It's half the fun in my opinion.
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