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Originally Posted by RonR View Post
1989 Bayliner 3888, diesel heat, get set, twin Hino, propane kitchen. My wife loves this layout its #2 on her list. I kind of like it also, I am worried that a Bayliner will be hard to sell in a few years if we choose to upgrade or just get out. As there are a lot of the 3888's for sale and in watching them, they do not seam to move unless they are 45k or less and have every option + a bow thruster. Most we like are in the 60-65k range.

1983 Californian 42' LRC. A bit big for me, wife loves this boat, its in really good shape but on the tip top of our price range at 80k. We have looked at others just like this for 1/2 the price, but need twice the work. This boat is the wifes #1 but she also thinks its just too big for our first big boat.

Two thoughts... First, I think of any money spent on a boat as simply money tossed overboard. That isn't a bad thing, but I don't plan on recouping any money I spend on my boats. If I do, that is just a gift. So if you think a Bayliner 3888 would be a good fit for you (and they are nice boats) then I suggest you avoid considering resale value at this point.

Secondly, a 42' boat is a decent sized boat. However, I think with a little patience and proper instruction it shouldn't be scare you off. If it is the boat you wife really likes, and you like it as well, it may end up being a bargain. It is a lot cheaper to buy an $80k boat now than to buy a $60k boat and decide it is too small for your wants/needs in a few years.

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