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Originally Posted by RonR View Post
This time around we are looking for something 32í+. We are thinking floating apartment that we will stay the night on once a week as the marina is closer to work than our home, can go to the San Juans 3-5 times a summer, cruse around the Everett area and south sound a little. Very light fishing/crabbing. We would like room for guest, but also a nice stateroom open gally. Price is 65k and under. Models we have noticed so far are Californian aft cabin 35/42, Carver aft cabin, Bayliner 3270/88, Tollycraft tri-cabin, Canoe Cove Trawler and I still like the CHB aft cabin boats. I would prefer a diesel powered boat, ...

In addition, she would prefer a real shower. Cabin heat is a big deal to her, she wants to be nice and warm when we are on the hook. Do we need to look for a boat with a gen set?

I donít want a wood hull boat, but donít mind refinishing handrails and what not. Most of the boats we are looking at are aft cabin boats, I know this will create a few problems with fishing/crabbing. As well as making it difficult to get on/off the boat at the dock.

For my price point, and the number of times we will hit the San Juans and for resale should I hold out for diesels? Are there other models I did not list that we should be looking at in the PNW?

You should each list features you need, want, would like to have. Then compare, meld, etc. Real shower, heat, etc.

Hot water and heat at anchor usually means genset. OTOH, that in turn comes with other possibilities too (electric galley, microwave, aircon, etc.) and battery charging at anchor, using genset to power a converter, is usually a useful capability too.

There are "Cockpit Motor Yachts" (CMPY) out there that you might want to look at. Gets you that large aft cabin, but also a (usually modest) cockpit for things like fishing/crabbing, maybe an easier boarding point, etc Carver made several models, as did some other builders.

Wood is work. If you like it, OK; if you just want to go boating, avoid if possible. Or expect to hire the work done.

Pros and cons for diesels and for gas. One of the most important arguments for diesel is about fuel economy over longer distances. The other side of that is that gas can be a more economical approach (including entry cost) when distances are short-ish and overall use is modest. Your call.

OTOH, I've not been comfortable with the idea of running a gas genset overnight for heat -- or more commonly in our case, AC. That's maybe easily addressed in some cases (e.g., another blanket, or whatever), but you'll know your climate better than I do. Part two of "your call."

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