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Hi Ron,
My free advice (and worth every penny ) would be to make lists. You and your wife should make separate lists and then compare. List the features that are: Must haves; Nice to have; and absolutely don't want.

Realize that all boats are a compromise and it is very unlikely you will find the "perfect one" that will meet all of your desires (especially within your budget (also seems to be true no matter the budget)). Also, when comparing lists and compromising with the Admiral, remember, she is right! You both will be happier.
For me, on my don't want list was twin engines (double the maintenance, cramped ER, harder to work on, etc.), screwed down teak decks, and exterior teak. Basically trying to minimize the work required.

As far as exterior teak, avoid it unless you like refinishing teak, or can afford to hire someone, or can afford covers for all of it. Screwed down teak decks, while looking great, can be a real expensive maintenance issue and when they leak (think hundreds of screws), the damage can be extensive.

Enjoy the journey you have embarked on. It can be exciting and fun.
Nanaimo, BC
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