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Originally Posted by ktdtx View Post
One of the downsides of a "full employment" economy. Difficult to find good people to work.
Nah, it's been going on for decades. Luckily, I had a great broker in Newport Beach CA when I bought & sold there in the 70's & 80's, but spent some time post-retirement writing magazine articles, some on boating, while preparing to go cruising & waiting for my late skipper's retirement clock to run out (luckily we'd planned on following our dream, so he got 20 good years post-retirement). While researching articles interviewed & interfaced with various members of the boating/cruising community, including brokers, & was endlessly amazed by the abundance of ignorance exhibited, not only about boats in general, but sales techniques & practices. Not solely to pick on yacht brokers, I've discovered the same lack of relevant knowledge about money displayed by bankers, & about property displayed by Realtors--& in some important instances, about medicine by physicians. Caveat: always do your own research.
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