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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
My Bacchus website has some info an MS hull paint in the Links section.

I did some hull / gelcoat repair and spot painted the area with very good results.
While buffing / wax is not recommended I don't think is results in any instant failure but that's just my opinion. Especially the wax portion - it results in build-up and yellowing over time but nothing catastrophic.
I buffed & waxed mine first season after acquiring it and nothing terrible happened - after learning more I have switched to the Awlcare polymer and like it a lot - easy on/off. The admiral and I do it by hand and it not a bad job.
IMO Awlcraft is not hard to spot patch but it has to be sprayed. I was lucky and had a friends w/ spray equipment & knowledge do mine and I helped him prep & paint a boot stripe on his at the same time. He added several coats of clear top coat after his prime & color. I don't think MS did that but it seems like a good option. Awlcraft can be buffed if necessary but it's not recommended on a regular basis.
I have used the PreVal aerosol sprayer for the Awlgrip/Awlcraft priming spots and it doesn't do a bad job - haven't tried it for topcoat but might when it comes time to do more touch-up small areas.
I was very pleased w/ color match on Awlcraft - I was fortunate as I had paperwork that defined the exact color as Awlgrip/Awlcraft has about a dozen different Blues - Red should be easier.

All in all it sounds like boat is in nice shape and well cared for.
We do like our MS 34HT and felt lucky to find a fresh water one that PO had in a covered slip as well.
Where in Georgian Bay is it currently? (we are getting ready to head that way in a few weeks if NY canals open by then)
Would you leave it on Georgian Bay or bring it closer to home?
BTW - I've visited your website a couple of time. Very helpful, Don.
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