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Originally Posted by GMS View Post
The purchase process for larger boats includes an opportunity for a survey to uncover issues not obvious to the casual observer, and affords an opportunity to negotiate the final price based on results (otherwise what would be point be in conducting a survey).

Accordingly, assuming you remain interested in following through with the purchase, determine reasonable costs to resolve the issues you feel were not accounted for in your original offer and propose a price adjustment based on the survey.

Personally, I would put no weight on discussion of alleged competing offers, especially now that you have entered into a purchase agreement. Even if there were competing offers, those potential purchasers have either moved on or will be more cautious if your deal falls through.

All of the items you identified are likely to be issues any buyer would be concerned about...
Thanks GMS. Since I want to own this vessel, I definitely will return to the negotiating table after obtaining a rough idea of the cost of repairs and replacements. I just want to be reasonable in this regard, without being duped.
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