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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
My feeling / experience is that any/most of the polymer finishes are superior to wax... they go on and off easier.
The shine is a function of the surface prep so compound, or swirl removers with appropriate pads to get the surface shine and then protect w a polymer.
I have used NuFinsh for years and it does very well for protection, durability and it can be applied in the sun which is a problem for most waxes.
Gel coat labs polymer is a little more expensive but on/off even easier than NuFinish. Collinite cleaner does a great job following yrs once the surface is in good shape. It is a very mild compound and cleaner that leaves a great surface to apply polymers (or wax if that's your pleasure)
Above all for gel coat... if paint best to follow paint mfg recommendations and they do vary based on which mfg & chemistry for the paint. Awlgrip / Awlcraft recommends their own polymer and it works similar to others mentioned above and not terribly expensive so why not if you have their paint.
Appreciate it, Don. Thereís so many ways to do this, itís nice to know what works well for others.
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