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I sometimes say I'm in the boat business because it affords me ample opportunity to travel around the world and take photos. My first camera was a Honeywell Pentax, hand me down from a brother who bought it used. I took it to sea aboard RV Westward, a 120 foot schooner for a semester at sea program, and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between me and SLRs, every one of which (perhaps 25 in 35 years) since then has been a Nikon.

Boats and photography do go hand in hand, the opportunities are endless. I encourage my clients who aren't into photography to take it up, as being aboard will give them so many opportunities to develop this interest. I also tell them that while any camera is better than no camera, cell phones really aren't cameras, invest in a real camera and you won't regret it. The attached was taken a few days ago, you can't do this with a cell phone, this tunnel was pitch black. Having said that, the bird in hand photo was taken with my phone because that's all I had with me.

Because I have to fly with my gear, I try to keep it small enough to fit into a Lewepro ProRunner rolling camera bag (it doesn't look like a camera bag, which is good), which is also a back pack. I love these bags, but I do wear them out, they last me about two years and I keep a new spare on hand at all times. I'm now on my way home from a 2 week trip to China and Taiwan, during which I did a three day side trip to the mountains of Taiwan. The kit I carry is as follows, all Nikon, bodies, D700 with 17-35 f2.8, D800 with 79-200 f2.8, D7200 with 18-200 f5.6 (this body and lens is almost strictly for boat yard work), AW 130 underwater point and shoot (I love this little camera, virtually unbreakable, great pocket camera and great when you want someone to take a photo of you. I also use a 2x Teleconverter that when paired with the 70-200 doubles the focal length, with a sacrifice of only one f stop, very good for wildlife photography with no noticeable degradation in sharpness. When packed the bag weighs 38 pounds. I also use two cross shoulder straps, so I can carry both bodies at the same time and they can never slip off my shoulder, among the best camera investments I've ever made. I shoot exclusively on aperture priority, so I can always control depth of field. My schedule does't allow for a great allow for a great deal of post processing so these days I shoot JPEG, if I had more time I'd shoot RAW.

Photography is a wonderful pursuit, it's changed me forever, every day I look a scenes and can't help but compose images, it's both a blessing and a curse, you are always looking for the perfect image, and the opportunities while afloat are endless.

For those who are interested, I have some galleries on my website
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