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I am an amateur photographer with no formal training and only basic equipment.

I spend a lot of time in the water with a waterproof Nikon AW100. It works great and has taken some of my best shots and video.

We also have 3 GoPros for under water. These are attached to our wrists with Velcro straps . I have also attached them to my head with a ball cap strap. Lastly, I like to connect these to various parts of the boat for above water video shots and time lapses.

For editing I previously used GoPro Studio, then switched to the free basic version of IMovie which I really like a couple years ago. I will likely upgrade to the better version one of these days. Editing is done on a MAC.

Personally, I have found stab is not needed and I can get what I need with this equipment.

Drone is a Mavic Pro. Lost a Mavic Air in the water last year.

Future goal is a small under water Drone. The price points have come down a lot.

When I retire, photography and editing is a subject I would like to pursue more and possibly take some classes at a local community college.
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