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Originally Posted by Knot Salted View Post
Still searching for reasonable and readily available alternators to replace my two 10si models to go with Balmar set-up - Not going for the Balmar alts.
Found a local shop with good reputation, in business a long time.
They suggest a stock Denso model that should fit my mounts and gave me a core to try. Will update on that fitment. not sure of amperage, but they think around 100 max. Idle not so much.... my 10si (two) each put out 72 amps max - idle rate unknown.

online, Mechman tech said that if they modify their S model 170 amp for external regulator, there will be no warranty. so I think they are out of favor.

With regard to Battery temp sensors feeding Balmar regulators, are they all the same? I presume a bi-metal strip feeding two wires. Is Balmar worth the $47 vs $20? I will need three, I think ---Port Start, Stbd Start, and House bank- so not a huge deal either way. I am curious though.

Have you looked here? Alternators & Regulators

Also the Balmar temp sensors are not just basic thermistors. They are precision calibrated to the regulator and are proprietary devices that can not be mixed and matched with other brands. The alternator MC-TS-A and battery temp sensors MC-TS-B are interchangeable (could be swapped) but only for use on a Balmar regulator.
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