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Originally Posted by Knot Salted View Post
Great advice.
I will do the alt temps for sure. And Balmar batt temp.
Sounds like I will be doing a lot more homework too.
Displaying the depth of my ignorance....the diodes are not part of the regulator then?

The diodes are part of the alternator. They convert the A/C power created by the alternator into DC. If you want a really high output alternator, look at Zena alternators. The higher amp units utilize an external rectifier that mounts separate from the alternator. This keeps the diodes cooler since they're not subject to the heat created by the windings. I also use a 250 cfm 12V blower that ducts outside air to the back of the alternators and the battery box. It helps. My Zena alternator can crank at full field (about 200A into the bank) and stays at temps under 90C. Helps keep the batteries happier since they live in the hostile environment of the engine room. Heat is the enemy.
Steve Sipe
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