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Good articles above.

I doubt the cost of retrofitting a small boat would ever be recaptured. However for a new construction it would be different. Two shipyards that I have been discussing with have bulbs in their designs. In one case the boat is very front-heavy and the added buoyancy is a benefit and pitching is slightly reduced. In both cases the waterline length is extended about 4-5 feet, so LWL is almost the same as LOA. The naval architect told me he estimates about 5% efficiency increase, which coincides with the longer LWL.

Regarding to negative motion, articles indicate bulbs can act like a deep forefoot, and when running downwind in heavy seas there may be a slight tendency to drag, but how significant this risk is to you is debatable.

In general T.G. I would say that if the 40-60 ft boat you're buying comes with a bulb, then great. And if it doesn't, then great. But if you want to learn more from actual naval architects, and some experts, then head on over to

Oh BTW you need to be careful about anchor roller/hawsepipe placement.
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