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The following is from Bob Lowe of Grand Banks Owner's Resources. A good place to start, even though it was written about 13 years ago. You should consider joining the Grand Banks forum. Bob Lowe is still fairly active and is a tremendous resource for all things Grand Banks.

Proper bedding of the fuel, water, and waste deck plates is not achieved with a simple removal and rebedding on top the surface of the teak decking, IMHO.<P>Dolphinite, while an excellent bedding compound will not last long due to the extreme heat from sun exposure on the metal fitting.<P>The best method in my experience is to cut a round dado with a hole saw about 1/2" larger in diameter (so as to have a 1/4" reveal all around the fitting) about 1/4" deeper than where you want the bottom of the fitting centered on the deck plate.<P>Bed the deck plate in polysulfide (my preference) and leave a bit proud of where it will finally sit. Let the compound cure and then snug down a bit. This forms a gasket and if the fasteners are kept tightened periodically, can last indefinitely.<P>You may have to drive some wedges up under the deck to keep the whole thing centered while the compound cures as there may be some pressure from the fill hose.<BR><P>------------------<BR>Good luck,<P>Bob Lowe<BR><BR>
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